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Her first Day

Her first week

Her first Month

Her second Month

Her third Month

Her 4th Month

Her 5th Month

Her 6th Month

Her 7th Month

Her 8th Month

Her 9th Month

Her 10th Month

Her 11th Month

Her 12th Month

Her first Birthday Party

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Pictures from her Second year

Pictures from her Third Year




         Her first day


Born at Sonoma Valley Hospital, Anika Renee showed up 2 1/2 weeks early, but at 9 lbs and 14 oz,  21.5 " (4.14 kg and 54.6 cm) After a hard day's work, sleep was the thing to do..


Her first week

And in the first week, lots of sleeping and eating and looking around is what she likes to do most.



  Her first month

She's already showing her personality, letting everybody know what she likes and doesn't like. Sleeping through the night is in the dislike column.


  Her second month

Growing fast, sleeping lots and eating are her favorites. Also learning to lift her head..


  Her third month


She is now 11 weeks old and learning to sleep in her own bed more and more. This may not seem like a big achievement, but since she previously pretty much only napped on my lap, thus leaving me pretty immobile during the day, getting to do stuff during the day is a big deal!  She now also wakes up in the morning with big smiles, which makes getting up early a lot easier!


This weekend she decided it was time to test her vocal cords and she started making all sorts of coo-ing's to come soon!


  Her forth month

By now, she likes lifting her head, rolling from back to front, then fussing to be flipped back. Lots of Noises, shreeks and brrs, can't get enough to see from the outside world!


     Her 5th Month



So today was my first day back to work and Anika's first "full" day at went ok...being at work is actually refreshing and I did miss it somehow, but of course being at home with Anika, well you can't beat that. Anika did OK in daycare, she likes it there, but is too stubborn to eat much, since it has to come from the bottle...and she does not like that! Hmm, she will have to figure it out soon...!


Second day back to work, easier for me and apparently easier for Anika as well, she finally gave in and took the bottle - yeah!


      Her 6th Month


She now enjoys going to daycare, lots of activities and other kids to watch, showing Mom and Dad the new things she's learned, like sitting up with a pillow, rolling from back to front and back again, pushing up on her arms when lying on her stomach.


       Her 7th Month


I now get along great with the other kids in daycare, love to rock my "exersaucer" at home, practice my "dadada's" and "babab's", daily, can go from sitting up to my hands and knees, but kinda get stuck there...rocking back and forth, but can't get this crawling thing figures out....frustrating!

20 lbs and 28.5 inches

 (9.07 Kg and 74.3 cm)


     Her 8th Month


I can get around now! This is just the coolest, now when Mom leaves the Living room to go to the kitchen, I don't' have to sit and cry, I can follow her now, not very fast, but I'll get there. Following the cats and Nestor is particular fun, even though they still evade me... I'm also working on my next 2 teeth....the drool machine is on!


   Her 9th Month



Chasing the cats is soo much fun! They are running and hiding now, but I can follow...pretty fast too! I can stand up with the help of the furniture, so they are not even safe on the sofa anymore! Still growing teeth, I got 4 on top and 4 on the bottom!

22 lbs and 29.5 inches

(9.97 kg and 75 cm)

     Her 10th Month



I just figured out how to walk with that walker Mom & Dad got me! I watched my friends do it, and decided to try this myself - Fun!  I'm also eating more "solid" foods, although not all taste that great.

23 lbs and 30 inches

(10.4 kg and 76 cm)

      Her 11th Month

She's now 11 Month old, has celebrated her first house-warming party (not at her house...), loves her bath now and getting out with Dad..

      Her 12th Month

she now is playing more with her friends - Lars mostly and getting the know the's getting warm...

     Her 1st Birthday Party

 Her first Birthday party!

We invited some friends, hers and ours and had ourselves a party! and one cake for her -(once she had a go a that,  no one would like a piece of it) and one for us....