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Anika's second Year Picture Page

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      Her 13th Month

Anika is now walking around everywhere, enjoying playing at the playground, going to her friends birthday parties.

   Her 14th Month I love playing with my friends! and then I went to Louisiana on vacation and got baptized! I wasn't having as much fun with this as apparently everyone else was having...but I did get over it...there was cake at the party! and lots of great people!
   Her 15th - 19th Month  a collage of pictures from 15 to 19 Months, including swimming, playing in the leaves, Halloween.


her 18th Month

October 2005 - Visit to Amsterdam
Her 20th- 23rd  Month


Anika had her 18th Month check-up this week - a month late - but she's now 34 inches and 28 lbs. we've been a bit busy, but healthy

(12.7 kg and 86 cm)

   Her 24th Month April 2006 - Birthday in Louisiana