September 2009


September 26, 2009

Soccer game time

Making sure everyone knows which direction we need to go...


Here we go



"victory tunnel"


Soccer Audience


Corduroy weekend

We went play with our new friend Sidha, who conveniently lives across the street. We took pictures with the Class bear "Corduroy", who got to spend the weekend with us because Anika had such a great week at school.

Jonas hangs out with little brother.


Corduroy got to with us on a lunch treat.


Reading our good night Corduroy story


September 24, 2009

Soccer practice time


Here's what happens when you don't follow Coaches advice of
"there are no hands in soccer!"  the girls thought this was very funny.


learning how to pass the ball to your team mates



September 19, 2009

and then it was time for our first - real - soccer game

Are we ready to start? What do we do?


The cheering squad is ready, sort of, anyway


Anika taking off with the ball


On her way to score her first goal


and again..



September 9, 2009

We don't have a big ditch in front of the house anymore that fills with water

after a nice rain, but we do have some nice puddles in the back yard after a

decent downpour.

Still warm enough to, um, not wear lots of clothes





and then it was bath time.



September 2, 2009

Soccer time


Anika's first soccer practice


Her new team


Jonas brought his own ball to practice along side the team


playing "tag" with soccer balls


Team cheer