September 2008



September 27, 2008


Hey, that's my tub!!!!


Yeah, my tub...


September 20, 2008

recess at German school


Playing with my friends from German school



September 16, 2008

Playtime at home

Playing at home with puzzles



Monkey'ing around the trees



Playing at the playground


Playing at the playground with friends


and lounging at home after all that playing..


September 6, 2008




the water was actually warm enough for swimming!






and while some head back to the water


others found new freinds on the beach to play with


time to rinse off all that sand



September 1, 2008

Playing with our best friend


eveyone man a vehicle!


then it's time to go swimming


Look who can swim by herself! with the help of a floatie, but unaided!