November 2009



November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving lunch at Nanny Buck's house - everyone's  wondering when that Baby is coming...


Lets just say Anika didn't want anymore pictures taken




and then there was a  leaf pile...



yes, now you can pose. Smile!


November 11, 2009


and then we had a nice day off and it seemed like a great idea to go to  the zoo



being silly on the playground


Silly Jonas


and then - finally - a nice laugh.


"Can Mom take a picture of  both of you together?"


Taking a rest. And yes, Anika was checking out his ears.


Silly Siblings


November 19. 2009


Weeza came to Anika's school to join in the Thanksgiving lunch - half of the kids where dressed  Indians, half were dressed as Pilgrims.

Anika's Indian name was "Gentle Breeze", not sure where that came from.....


 Pilgrims and Indians to the lunch table, please.