May 2009


May 30, 2009

Pool time at the new house

yep, the pool came with us to the new house



the snacks came too



May 13, 2009

Pool time continues - its hot outside




in and out


Daddy joined in's really hot some days


Sometimes we also let Jonas have the hose to fill up the pool...


his aim is sometimes a little off..


pointing at Anika helps...


she does eventually get pay-back...


May 11, 2009

Pool time

so Mom and Dad went got something a little bigger than the tub...


Jonas is staying away while Anika still has the hose in her hand


that hose


then there's finally enough water in the pool - splish splash time


Jonas takes a running start to jump in



That night there was a big thunderstorm and with a rather impressive lightning strike and loud bang, our electricity went out. took these guys a few hours and a few trips up the power-pole in the yard to get the lights back on. Jonas was "scared Bang", but did enjoy the bucket trucks in front of the house while the repair was underway.


Jonas promptly started sleeping in Anika's bed...



May 10, 2009

Summer temperatures = sprinkler time

It was hot and it was time to run the sprinklers in yard for cooling purposes


watch out - here I come


Kinda cold, but feels good




running back and forth...screaming.....




Daddy found a



Mom, I think its now getting a little too small for me...`


Daddy has grabbed the hose...stop spraying us!


it might be hot out there, but that water is really cold...!


May 1, 2009

Mama's taking is to the zoo today, zoo today....

I'm ready for the zoo...are you?


the usual suspects


we can never get close enough to the snakes


and the cockatoo's


"Anika, don't stick you fingers in there, they bite!!"


Too late. One of the birds took a nibble of one of Anika's fingers. You'd think she learned from Mika NOT to get your fingers too close. After much drama she wanted to sit in the baby stroller finger hurt too much to walk.


Bucky & Jack


Climbing "Mount Dirtmore" of the most important attractions for the kids at the zoo....go figure


Up and down


and everybody down


yep, you too Mister, it's time to move on.






Then Snow-cone time


can you guess what color my snow-cone was?


Silly boys


Long hot day...Jonas finally gave in


and didn't even wake up when transported to the car