March 2009


March 26, 2009

And then it rained. and then the ditch in front of the house filled with water...


we tried for a while to keep them out of that luck..





you coming?




"I plash!!"


Lets go



this is fun!




No, I didn't least not accidentally


Come out? I don't think so!


Belly Flop


That was fun!



March 13, 2009

our newest little artist




Smiling for the paparazzi







March 9, 2009

Helping Dad washing the car

we are helping wash the car...


Hey.....I'm getting all wet!



Me...more water, please!



Yep, we got wet.



March 7, 2009

Jack's Birthday party


I just woke up from my Nap, so I'm a little shy at first...


Look mom, a Playhouse!




Uncle Jason helping blow bubbles


Treasure Hunting


Cake time


Yummy cake


I've already had my cake, I found these interesting things to play with...



Back outside



Street gang


with chaperone


wait for me, y'all are going too fast!


Look, I found an airplane!



March 6, 2009

Playing at home

I got your nose


no, wait, that's my nose!


Lets go play outside


Help! I'm stuck!


Gotcha! I wasn't really stuck....


Goofing around with Daddy




Let cut the grass....


My turn


Not posing all for the way....


I'm watching TV before I go to bed - really, I'm not tired, Mom!


all that playing even wore us out...