June 2009



June 27, 2009

Playing with her friends before baseball practice


Anika & her friends


Practice time.


Dinner time with Mer & Jack


Don't you cut my Pizza in small pieces - I eat it like the grown ups. 


June 21, 2009

Fathers Day

the kids made Handprint bricks for Weeza and Pawpaw for Fathers day ( and belated Mothers day) presents.


The crew loads up their water guns


getting ready for a sneak spray attack....


the boys playing in the pool


Jonas stalking Weeza with the squirt gun. Ready, Set






Snacktime. Yummy watermelon, perfect summer food.


then its time for some baseball


the audience


and the waterfight begins


Got ya.


everyone get Daddy!




Nose cleaning?


Getting them back


Anika's turn


and Daddy's turn


Rest time.



Outdoor shower. 



June 15, 2009

Brownie Time

we still get to help stir, lick the spoons and the pot.


Different techniques of getting the most chocolate out of the pot.



June 10, 2009

Family stops by to enjoy the pool



someone handed these 2 loaded squirt bottles



"drive-by" water squirting



and of course splashing in the pool


some go head under after a running start...


not me, of course!


We all know how tired you get from swiming.


Jonas was on his way from his room, through the living room to our room after we thought he was already sleeping, but only made it as far as the living room, and fell asleep in Mom's chair.  



June 9, 2009


Anika now "finally" takes a dancing class

Her first Tap class - she could not wait to put those tap shoes on!


We also found a Baseball opportunity

T-ball. You gotta learn how to hit the ball


Everyone also has to learn how to catch and chase that ball



June 7, 2009


Summer Pool time


Best get a running start


for a big splash




Silly times in the pool


Now here is what happens when someone gets in trouble:


Daddy: "Why is Jonas crying"

Anika: "Fell in the pool all by himself. I was just standing there, I did not help him fall in"


Daddy: "Anika, it is not nice to push Jonas in the pool and then not tell the truth about how he got in there"


Anika: "Daddy, he would have fallen in the pool anyway, I only helped a little bit"




And as you can tell, Jonas's feeling were hardly hurt, nothing a cracker couldn't fix.



"Mama, you still taking pictures of me??"