July 2009


July 29, 2009

After all that swimming you would think that we have enough of the water.


we still like to play in our pool

Especially when we get Popsicles


We got friends over to share all the good summer fun




July 27, 2009

Swim time

Anika Practicing putting her face in the water with her swim coach

Look Mom, I can do it!


Swimming lessons


July 22, 2009

getting ready for another field trip - chaperone's waiting for the kids, that are being briefed by one of the teachers.


Field trip to the exploratorium


this filed trip to us to a local Play restaurant..everyone got pizza after playing.



July 15

Movie Time

Ever been to the movies with 50 kids? here's what that looks like.


July 10, 2009

Summer fun at Daycare

the entire class in swimwear: there is a huge waterslide in the yard!

climbing up the stairs to the big slide


Whohooo !!

July 8, 2009

Field Trip day to the local TV station.

Group picture with the morning crew. Anika's calls first

Picture with both classes from Anika's School that came on the field trip.

Anika's class in the control room, right in front of the buttons!!!!

End of Field trip - we ride in a real Schoolbus!