February 2009


February 24, 2009

Mardi Gras




Waiting for the parades to start


Playing with Jackson


Playing with the ball.....still no parade in sight...


snack time - still waiting.....


Finally, it's starting


the bands are pretty loud - be we can't be scared off that easy!


I see the first float! Mama, will they throw beads to us?


Oh, yeah, look what I caught,  ehm, picked up....


Anika got some too!


and then we headed back to our Lunch and rest spot for some burgers and chips before the next parade starts again


well, some of us played so much at lunch, they needed a rest - good thing the wagon wasn't full of beads yet...


Here we are playing with Weeza anbd Pawpaw, while we wait for the afternoon parades


Look, look, its starting! The Police Motorcycles always open the parade.




and we collect more beads


until Jonas poops out  - not even the blaring music from the bands and the floats can keep him awake.


Jack was still somewhat awake at this time...


Weeza sat with Jonas while he was sleeping, while still catching beads!




and finally, Jack gave up the fight against the sleepiness as well.

Happy Mardi Gras!







February 21, 2009

the Childrens Parade, Lafayette


Jonas couldn't wait to get Jack out of the car...


waiting for the parade




Group Pic



Showing off our Mardi Gras "tatoo's"


Snack time - we share nicely


we even share sandwiches




its finally parade time


Lets see some beads!



February 20, 2009

Meredith came over to play

a round of Hullaballoo


Uncle Jason came over to play too


and Jack too!


The Pacifier crew


Time to play ball


After agreeing to the rules, here we go




February 14, 2009

Mardi Gras - Krewe des chiens parade

This very patient poodle happily sported cloth stickers all over him.


Jonas took it all in from the best seat in the house


Throw us something!




Steph came with us to the parade 



February 4, 2009


So, lets see what we're going to do now


How about some baseball today



Watch out, here it comes




Big Sis is playing along too


After playing in the back yard, its time to move to the front yard and ride bikes and scooters


Race, anyone?


watching the Jungle book after a long day of playing - completely zoned out


and we just had to throw in the picture of Jonas enjoying Weeza's chocolate cake



February 2, 2009

The Ditch

After it rained yesterday and the ditch filled up nicely with,

Mom tried to keep us out of it...

 but eventually she simply grabbed the camera






Look mom, I still have some dry spots on me!



February 1, 2009

After a long and busy day, we take a easy the next day...


we played with the wooden veggies


we can share nicely, at least occasionally



and we goofed around togehter


Lots of goofing around