December 2009



New Years Eve

Playing with Aunt Mary


Jonas chasing the photographer


the rise of a beautiful "blue" full moon

Let the fireworks begin


Anika & Mer watching the fireworks


Look at this moon!


December 26, 2009


Turnerfamily Christmas

A whole lot of family in the house


Jonas being his usual sweet self....

Amelia sleeping through most of it


Opening Presents


Jonas and Papaw admiring the new toy tool set


then we head outside to try out Daddy's new toy:

A remote control helicopter

(better get the ladder ready in case you need to retrieve it from the roof...)


Mer and Anika


Anika and Jonas playing with her new doll house




Christmas morning : Jonas loooves his new "Garbage Trash Truck"


Santa brought a Wii for Anika! PJ Baseball!!


Old Christmas Dog




So Mama needed some pictures for christmas cards and here's why you didn't get one:


Please Jonas, just ONE picture?

Thank you Anika,


Lets try a nice picture together

No - a NICE picture, please


That's a little better..



Much Better. Merry Christmas. 



December 22, 2009


Anika's Soccer camp

it was cold but it was fun


getting to stretch and warm up with the big kids = cool!


December 4, 2009


our new niece


Meeting Amelia on her birthday


and then it was bed time - when we "calm down" for bed.

You see how that's working, right?


It sometimes looks like this:

"Jonas, bring a snuggle and a  book for us to read"