December 2008


December 28, 2008


Playing in our Yard while everyone is here


then everyone to Nanna Buck's house for some dinner...



SOMEONE got a little we had to take a bath...

Hmm, you think the wall have any chance of staying dry with these guys in here?

Not really.



then a finally few minutes of play before bedtime.



Then, the big girls time.



Christmas 2008


Christmas morning brought some presents under the tree, that Daddy and Anika drew with crayons the night before.....


the whole family in the "country" for xmas...let the present-unpacking begin!


wait, there is more...


the guys got matching Caterpillar riding toys


While the girls got microphones...and the show was on!


while the others are doing scary fireworks outside, Anika relaxes with a cinnamon treat and a TV show.


December 22, 2008

Christmas lights at Acadian village

it was very, very cold...


but all bundled up, we enjoyed all the very beautiful lights


Oma with Jonas


attempt at a group picture


kids group picture - how nice! 



December 17, 2008

Oma is here!

and the weather is nice and the truck is finally empty and gone so the driveway is empty again...although we preferred riding our scooter into the neighbors driveway anyway...hopefully she won't mind.


Race ya!


Meredith and Jackson came over to play..I have a few things unpacked we can play with...


reading a book with Daddy after a long day


December 12, 2008

the moving truck arrived!

make some room in the driveway...


and the unloading party begins!


after all that unpacking, we decide to take in a Holiday party...

Anika was having a ball on the dancefloor!


did you know that moving boxes make great slides? neither did we...


Meredith came over for us to sing happy birthday to her..although Jack kept blowing out the candle...



December 11, 2008

 we we moved into the new house...but the furniture has not yet arrived...neither has the TV...good thing Mom has a computer we can watch DVD's on...and also good we could borrow a table and some chairs...


and then it snowed! or as they say here "it sneaux'd"


Look Mom, it's all white!


December 5, 2008

We hang out in the country until Dad gets here...

PawPaw is quite comfortable for sitting on!


even though the winds where "blistery", we still played outside for a little while


Mom forgot my hat, so we had to borrow one...almost a fit...


Ankia on the rocking chair...


Cracking Pecans with PawPaw...good stuff!


December 4, 2008

meeting Meredith!

Everyone: this is Meredith, who I've been talking about for so long, as if she has always lived across town, well now she does!


Jackson and Jonas got better after a while...



December 2, 2008

the move to Louisiana has started....

the packing of the moving truck has started...half the stuff is already packed...but as long as there is a TV of sorts and pillows...we are good to go.


the Next day we are on a plane to New Orleans with Mama, while Dad gets to finish packing the moving truck, and then drive the animals to Louisiana...I think we got the better part of that deal....