April 2009


April 24, 2009

Exploring neighborhood parks & Festival International


we found some friends to play with


of course we can always be silly on our own, too!


then it's off to the festival

With Mer and Jack of course


we get our faces painted


we participate in the festival painting activities


What's Jonas doing?

He got a blue lollipop.


April 20, 2009

Happy Birthday, Anika!

Here's what happened this weekend - our "non-party Birthday weekend"



Finally, Birthday day! and everyone is feeling better!


We open more presents...

and we finally get to blow out the candles on my cake AND HAVE SOME CAKE!




yes, definitely Yum. 



April 19, 2009

Since it rained buckets again yesterday...there are puddles...again



we are leaving no puddle unexplored



good, muddy fun


Banana plant flower in our yard...with future bananas?


Meanwhile Anika is recovering inside


Poor thing.



Anika's Birthday Party April 18, 2009


She wanted a tinkerbell cake



then she started feeling bad again and stayed on Mom's chair..


outside the  Fun Jump was being tested


Looks like Jonas knocked PawPaw over...whoops...


Jonas enjoyed playing outside barefoot


Anika stayed inside waiting for her tummy to feel better


After a while she felt well enough to open some presents


Nanny Buck is showing her how to play the new video game she got


then we watched the Dora birthday movie she got from Uncle Jason


Nestor even joined the party, sort of.



Everyone is watching...


Boys Snack time



Easter 2009

First we dye a whole bunch of eggs


then to the country to Weeza's house to tock eggs






everyone is tocking eggs


Hmm, did your's break?


Lets try again



then it started raining outside

so me and PawPaw went check it out


then it stopped for a little while


it stopped long enough for a ride around the yard


and wouldn't you know it, we found another puddle...


 a BIG puddle....




Happiness .....is a big puddle...








We need to come out? Nooooo...pleeease!!


I want to stay here!


Clean up time


Yes, the power did go out...it was a bath in the dark...



April 4, 2009

Family time

Hanging out with Jack


I like this scooter...


time for a family trip to the zoo