last update 02/13/05


Here are some little video's we've taken, they are in Windows Media Audio/Video File Format (".wmv" ), so Windows Media Player will be able to play them. To get the Windows Media Player, if you don't already have, it, click here

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Anika's Video's:

Her first week

Her first Months

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Video's from her Birth and her first week



Just born


Fresh out the Box"


Her first weight-check


Big Yawn


Stretching with Daddy


Finishing the stretch...


There She blows


Cutie Pie


Videos from the first Months





Post Bath Misery


Almost fussing


I'm starting to "talk"


Quick Outburst


Booty Shaking


Singing for Daddy


Smooch those cheeks


Fat Cat




First Talking


Talking in Playstation