Anika and Jonas' Holland visit 2008

We had a great time during our visit in Holland, lots of beautiful weather, lovely family visits, great things to do - Here are some of the pictures...

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Plane ride from San Francisco to Amsterdam, getting acclimatized in the vacation home


Its a long flight to Amsterdam

First day in t'Loo


Next day, back to the bouncing Pillow, we just can't get enough of that


ApenHeul Monkey park


This is a Park where in some area's the Monkey's roam free. Look, there are monkeys' in the trees


swimming & sightseeing



It was a not quite sunny day, so failry local sightseeing - in case of rain - seemed the best plan of the day





Oma and Nettie of course played cards with the kids



family visits


whatdoyaknow? you can rent bicyles in Holland..



 Playing around Purmerend


and then we went on the -actually not THAT long of a drive to Purmenrend



Puremerend Markt, Kinderboederij and Dinner


"typical breakfast"

Amsterdam Shopping and more Family Visits



then it was time to go to Amsterdam - Anika enjoyed riding the big train


Pictures and Playing


cousin Cindy came to visit with her kids


Last day blues


and then it was time to return the bikes

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